Some of the best pastry-cooks in Piemonte (Italy) have contacted us and together we have decided we will realize lots of interesting initiatives. On this page, in a short time we will include the links to reach those pastry-shops virtually; you will be able to taste some of their splendid creations… with your eyes!
Here follows a list of the artist of chocolate, Chococlub has the honour to cooperate with:
(very soon we will activate a link for each of them, that will allow us to admire their extraordinary skill taking shape in magnificent and tempting chocolate makings).

Pastry CANEPA (Chiusa Pesio)
Pastry SACCHERO (Canale)
Pastry MAGGI (Bene Vagienna)
Pastry VIBERTI (Monforte)
Pastry TRUFFA (Bossolasco)
Pastry DELIZIE (Alba)
Confectionery CAROSSO (Alba)
Pastry GIOVINE GIOVINE (Canelli)
Pastry RAVERA (Cherasco)
Pastry SORANO (Alba)
Pastry GIAN PAOLO (Alba)
Pastry ASSELLE (Barcellona)